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Sep. 6th, 2004 @ 10:44 am blah
Current Mood: sicksick
im lazy again i wont write chapter 13 for a couple days m very sorry im so bored. oh well helen rocks she called me and we talked for a couple mins it was awesome .well speak later
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Sep. 5th, 2004 @ 02:12 pm okay im pretty busy today
and i know your anxious to hear the next chapter so tomorrow be ready for chapter 13 THE BIG 13lol i cant believe helen called me and i wasnt home damnit :( i was so sad she spent that money to call me leave a message and then im not home oh well ill call her back me and her spend hours each day tlakin to each other on the Instant messaging on yahoo which ox cuz we are both funny my parents keep wonderin why all of a sudden i start laughin lol
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Sep. 3rd, 2004 @ 08:11 pm short note
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
i will write the next chapter later
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Sep. 3rd, 2004 @ 11:44 am IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy
Helen is like my bestest friend ever i finally got my camera and now im takin pictures of myself and my dog and im gonna send them to her and then she can add my face to our sig Helen if you read this we should use that siggy when your done with it o and ill ask my parents if i can go (by myself) 2 aussie. ill be goin to my friends house tomorrow her name is nicollette shes cool but not as cool as helen accents rock my socks okay here is a list of superstars i like in order: Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Charlie Haas, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Then you have the real life crush DREW omg that boi is fine fine fine along with the listed above LOL. on yahoo im i was bombarded lol 1 day i was on the internet at 7:00 in the morning and i dont know what time it was in aussie BUT i was on Yahoo IM with helen until 1:00 pm and she didnt get off of there til Midnight LOL we talked on the mic and we talked and dissed people and talked and dissed people which was TOTALLY COOL lol now we talk alot us girls NEED to talk if we dont then hell we may as well die WHO AGREES lol if you want to see the sig helen made the 2 of us visit http://www.livejournal.com/users/guerrerolvr/friends/ and its the second post its really cool that is her on the bottom once she gets my picture ill be there by her okay as you dont know i have depression this is a letter a wrote to myself about a lot of stuff and i thought i would write it here i make people laugh becuz it make me feel good. Here goes: I really want to be a wrestler when i grow up everyone thinks i should be one exept my family :( i really just want their support i have enough strength to be one i practice wrestling with king size stuffed animals and i have it all down my parents and bro always want me to be lame i told my bro john what i wanted to be and he was like NO I should be able to be what i want to be this is part of the reason im depressed every night i dream that im a wrestler and i have all these friends there i meet my fave wrestler marry my fave wrestler I know people think that on the road out of school im a chicken well im not but i want to prove it i just want my parents to understand to give me support about this career. i dont know anyone that will understand no one i have ever known has understood the crap the pain everything ive been through They dont understand my past. why im tough. they think im someone with no feelings they are all bitches i wish there was one person in the world who understood me i feel left out from everything people just hate me one minute they like me then next they hate me and beating me up have you ever felt like me like you are always doin something wrong that people dont like you have you ever done anything just so you could fit in do you sometimes wish you could kill yourself have you ever been in a fight to probe your self there is much more that has happened to me If you answered yes to none or all of these you may understand me but now we must stand up do what we feel is right rebel show people what you are made of if your sick of their bull shit show it dont be shy if your with me say DAMN STRAIGHT thank you
ps helen we rock you may understand me if you want and if its not expensive ill give you my phone number and you can call me :)
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Sep. 1st, 2004 @ 02:19 pm My Story
Chapter 12

I was pregnant. i told eddie and he fainted in happiness LOL. i thanked the lord finally now along came Smackdown wow i told everyone and everyone went bizerk they was like oh my fuckin god bailey eddies done it i told them to not tell big show or it would be hell on earth hed be chasin me everywhere. so i did have a match and it was against torrie wilson bra and panties match LOL i won hehehehehehehehe i had men whistling up the yin yang then i said i had a special guest here. I called out my friend helen from back in 7th grade she came out with my music and we hugged and cried then we had a tag team match for a contract for helen so it was me and helen vs miss jackie and dawn marie we won and helen got her contract we were so happy then helen got out of the ring and waited for me while i told the crowd that i was pregnant helen met me back by the car at the end of the show and we all went to my house little did i know john cena was datin helen so john came home they were there till mornin so we had a sleepover!!!!!! the next day i went to work and helen came with me we talked and talked about names i said if i had a boy it would be eduardo john and if a girl helen christine and we went to lunch finally i got a case and she stayed at my office and waited for me we talked about the odd case i had a missing goat LOL i found the goat and returned it i said that helen could stay as long as she wanted and that she could visit anytime at my house the following day i went to the docter to find out what i was having a boy or girl well a week went by helens debut we found out that big show was not goin to be at smackdown that tuesday so we were pretty damn happy LOLOLOLOLOLOL so i had a match vs helen as her first one and i said i think that helen should win her first match. so we had our match john had a match eddie had a match then eddie said he had a surprise he said that DREW COME ON OUT drew came out lookin sexy i fainted cuz im married and he brought back my old crush so i was surprised then we talked and he left and then at the end of the show i announced what i was having the baby was a ................

more suspense helen you my best friend ever
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Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 02:39 pm my story
Chapter 11

Big show was knocked out bleeding. vinny mac was brougt to me in my locker room and i beat the lights out of him. the roster then went back to there homes back at the fbi station i looked up more about big show where he came from why he is so cruel past things he has done i looked up the whole shibang. Later when i got home dinner was made the bed was covered in roses candle light lit lights dimmed i saw eddie in a tux i smiled and said okay what did you do and eddie just smiled and said lets eat so we had dinner and then "went to bed" lol the next day i took a pregnancy test i was not pregnant me and eddie had been trying for quite some time now to have a baby i talked to eddie saying maybe we should wait til after we retire from the wwe that way we dont have to worry about being out for a while well we couldnt agree on that so we tried again and i took the test i was not pregnant the following tuesday for the taping my very good friend miss jackie told me she was pregnant LOL i was like really when are you due do you know when . boy or girl what you gonna name it we had a baby shower in the ringwe had chants of baby baby LOL it was wonderful then eddie had a match vs vinny mac and big show i came to the ring with him i was at the ring side alot of the roster was at the ring side we wanted to make sure neither of them cheated exept for well eddie lol cuz ya know he lies he cheats he steals LOL thats what he does best we were watching the match they continuously were takin advantage all of a sudden big show came and attacked me while the whole roster helped eddie i was starting to bleed alot this took up the rest of smakdown i got stitched up an then everyone went home we tried again for a baby but nope it didnt work i went to work at the fbi and i had a case hat invovled kidnapping i found the kid alive arrested the guy who kidnapped her went home and fell asleep before eddie got home. when he got home i was still asleep he woke me it was 500 pm we had diner and tried agin this time it still didnt work so i went to work at the fbi and we had a party becuz i had been there for 10 years and was awarded most determined and hard workin went home found eddie there we ate tried again this time something was different about what happened.................

and here i leave you in suspense
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Aug. 23rd, 2004 @ 01:02 pm my story
Chapter 10

That smackdown was probably one i will never forget. Vince Mcmahon came out with a mic and called out me i came by eddie music and in my lowrider he got for me and i was alone i did my hydraulics and then i went down to the ring. Then Vince called out big show. Big show came down and he had a mic i grabbed my mic. Vince said big show i understand that you have been stalkin bailey for quite some time would you care to explain why? Big show said that he was still pissed that eddie and bailey made him have to quit. I said your the one who agreed to the match that if eddie won you would quit so now what do you have to say to that you overgrown bitch and vince said now bailey i know this is upsetting becuase he raped you and all that but calm down eddie came out to support me. Big show glared at me and then from out of no where vince got out of the ring picked up the metal stairs and hit sig show with them then me and eddie ran out of the ring and got a chair big show got up and the whole damn roster came down with a chair i powerbombed him of the top of the turnbuckle and the ring collapsed then vince said big show your HIRED we all looked at vince ran out of the ring big show got up all bloodied and smirked at me i got in the lowrider backed up parked it and then ran to my locker room everyone had a meeting in my locker room aobut what we would do for revenge against not only big show but vinny mac i was so scared. then all of a sudden big show along with a camera man breaks open my door everyone ran out exept me and hen big show grabbed me and took me down to the ring i kicked him in the nuts really hard kicked vince in what were his nuts lol and then i ran and out to the ring i went i grabbed any tpe of weapon they had and to my surprise they showed big show damaging my car all of a sudden i started to get latino heat and i ran back there and attacked him rammin his head into anything close finally i dragged him up to a ledge that was 10 feet high and put him on my shoulders and delievered an FU he was startled and he got up even after that looking mad as hell that is when that smackdown turned good
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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 08:09 am my story
Chapter 9

The man thing that we discussed was big show stalkin me around everywhere. I tol dthem about my other job and the crimes he has been doin and how he has been rying to hurt me. But there was something none of them knew about that last tuesday on smackdown after the match after everyone left ma locker room eddie was in the lowrider waiting for me big show came and raped me. I never told them this till the meeting when they asked if anything happened to me that they didnt know about so i told hem and eddie came over and hugged me. They asked why i didnt speak up sooner and i said that i was to embarrassed that i couldnt protect myself they said no one could protect themself from big show. They said that becuz you guys defeated big show that night i hve a treat im giving you all a raise lol like we need it but we were thrilled the tore up his contract and then they took all of us out to dinner even the raw roster came it was a nice dinner no fans came up to us. all of us raw and smackdown united that night on smackdown agianst big show was powerful we talked and talked and talked. big show ended up comin but we ignored him he walked over and siad alright im taking bailey with me and no one is stoppin me and literally all of the men and divas stood up and picked up their chairs and clanged him in the head i was laughin so hard saying looks like some of us stopped you then he sat up and i ran out the door scared he came after me its a good thing we finished dinner i started running down the street and i ran all the way home big show and raw and smackdown following i closed the door ran inot the room big show busted open the door busted open the other door and it was 7:00 by time he left the rest of everyone literally stayed with me we turned on the tv to watch smackdown we were proud of ourselves but what i didnt expect was that they filmed the big show incident you could hear screaming it was scary he left the room witha smile on his face and they showed me under the covers bleeding and unconsious thats when eddie ran in the room. On that friday i went to work had to solve a case bout a murder found out that the murder was an accident and was supposed to be for someone else so i arrested the man went home and sat there eddie came home from his other jo of being a weight trainer then we went to the arena on the weekend drove to the arena in MA or massachuttesees lol cant spell that then it was tuesday the best smackdown to come yet
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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 08:08 am my story
Chapter 8
I arrived at the meeting
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Aug. 9th, 2004 @ 08:37 am my story
I was afraid that if i opened up the door it would be big show so i got up slowly and went to see who it was it was john cena. I opened the door and said i thought you was big show so thats why it took me a lil while to answer the door. He said it was no problem i asked him if he wanted to come in hes like sure i brought somehting for you and eddie and i asked what and hes like its a late wedding gift but i think youll like it. then he gave me a giftwrapped box i opened it and in there were pix of him eddie and me together best friends i hugged him and said thank you and hes like can i get a kiss from the bride i said fine but just one so i gave hima quick kiss and i noticed a black limo pull up i told john omg big show is here what am i goin to do bialey you go clall eddie tell him im here and that big show is here and he needs to come home so i called eddie told him what was goin on and he rushed home but he was a bit late cuz big show had already knocked out john and he did something to me ill never forget he raped me eddie came in found me almost naked and then he said bailey what happened and i told him we got john to the docters and we waited at the hospital till we found out how john was then we left and went home the next day as i was goin to work at the fbi station i was called while in the car it was the cheif and he said there is a crime goin on the main street and orange so i went and saw that it wasnt big show for once so i got out of my car got the gun ready and my badge then i walked up behind the person who raped a 17 year od and said stop fbi your under arrest then i got out my gun put the man in handcufs and took him to the station i also tol dthe girl to get her clothes on and come with me. She quickly got on her clothes sat in the front seat and the man in the backseat i asked her to write i asked him what his name was he said his name was joe smith i asked him why he raped thegirl and he said that she asked him to i asked her did you ask him to rape you and she said no all i told him was that my boyfriend broke up with me and that i wanted to have sex and he then took hold of me and brought me to that place. i said first of all never tell a stranger who is a boy that you want to have sex you could end up getting yourself in trouble but you didnt know. then i got a call it was eddie he said the whole wwe raw and smackdown were having a meeting and that they were waiting for me at the arena so i dropped them off todl the cheif the case and that i had to go somewhere to my other job real quick when i arrived the meeting started
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